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Since the success of the British cycling team at the Olympics, cycling for both leisure and for sport has grown immensely.

The cost of cycles, both road, track and mountain has increased to a level where you can easily spend £10,000 on your dream machine.

The cost of insuring them has risen as a result of increasing thefts, and additionally replacing a stolen bike quickly and affordably at the moment is almost impossible given current supply chain issues.

At Velofog we have combined the latest rapid fog cannon with an alarm system that will give your precious bike collection the protection it needs.

No visibility in under 6 seconds​


With state of the art heat detection constantly searching for any moving heat sources, along with shock detection to catch break-ins as they are happening!


Stop burglaries immediately.

The fog is delivered instantly upon a verified alarm activation.


Upon alarm activation the system will notify system users user via App Notification, Text or Call

How We Can Help You Protect Your Assets?

EquiFog, AutoFog, VeloFOG & SG Fog Protection have over 20 years experience in the Security Industry. We offer a range of Security Services to help Protect you and your assets, giving you peace of mind.

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Equine thefts are on the rise!

Are you an easy target?

Thefts are on the rise within the equine community, so we decided to take action!

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Classic Car thefts are on the rise!

Don't be an easy target!

Protect your pride and joy - don't be a victim of the increasing occurrences in car theft.

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